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Do I need a GP referral for private treatment?

No. However if you have private medical insurance please check with your insurer as they may require a GP referral in order to provide cover.

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What should I bring to my first appointment?

Referral letter if you have one plus any scans or test results. Please also bring any relevant medical correspondence from other specialists or previous treatments.

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What is involved in private care?

I aim to give you care that is suited to your needs and pregnancy. 


I typically offer three types of care:

  • full care package throughout your antenatal, labour and post-natal period; or

  • antenatal care package to help you navigate through antenatal period up until your delivery; or

  • one-off consultations with ultrasound scanning.  

For a full care package, you will receive continuity of care from me, which covers:

  • Antenatal care and appointments;

  • Routine checks with ultrasound scanning (excluding the Harmony test, dating scan and blood test at 11-13 weeks and anomaly scan at 20 weeks);

  • Out of hours and emergency care cover;

  • Delivery (whichever type you choose);

  • Postnatal check after the birth of your baby.


As well as choosing your obstetrician to care for you, you will also need to decide which hospital you would like to give birth at.  I primarily work at Queen Charlotte's Hospital (Sir Stanley Clayton Ward), St. Mary's Hospital (Lindo Wing) and The Portland Hospital.

Flexible Payment Planning

Will I need to pay a deposit if I have medical insurance for maternity care?

Private care consists of fees for your obstetrician and hospital fees.

If your fees are paid through insurance please contact them and obtain a pre-authorisation code and letter of guarantee from your insurance company for your care.  Please check your policy fully covers both our fees and the hospital fees as UK Insurers don’t always fully cover private obstetric care, so any shortfall will become your responsibility.

If you are a self-funding patient you will be invoiced a deposit from me following confirmation of your booking and by the 20th of week of your pregnancy.  The final balance is due before your delivery.

If you have limited cover this should be used initially for your hospital fees and you will be invoiced as a self-funding patient.  Documents to claim back any remaining allowance will be provided to you.

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